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Reliable Answers to Our Most Common Questions for a Reason

A team member that will provide excellent service, that you will feel comfortable with, someone who will respect and care for your privacy and valuable possessions. We make every effort to schedule you with the same team member.

We prefer you to not be home. We seem to be more relaxed and efficient when we don’t have to be concerned about being “in the way”. Even so, if you are more comfortable being home while your service provider is cleaning we welcome that too.

Call within 24 hours of receiving the service and we will work to make sure you are satisfied. We welcome all feedback and will correct anything that doesn’t meet your standards if we can.

We ask that you supply the cleaning supplies that you like used for all the different surfaces that make your home unique. We bring along with us basic cleaning supplies in case we need them such as vinegar and baking soda.

When interviewing our clients we will customize our services to meet their needs. For example, how often cleaning is needed; exactly what our clients want to be cleaned; what they don’t want touched and what type of supplies they want used in their home.

“Detailed Cleaning” is the first time cleaning or “Spring Cleaning”, which means everything but windows and walls pretty much! Everything is scrubbed to remove stains or dirt. It takes twice as long as a “basic cleaning”. “Basic Cleaning” is maintaining the detailed cleaning; items that make it a detailed cleaning get rotated in.

We will interview anyone interested in the cleaning industry. We want women that are looking to use this opportunity to support themselves during their educational career, or have chosen to make a career change. We take the time to do back-ground checks to ensure our client’s safety and my staff works side-by-side with them until we feel they are ready to work solo! We also pay well with bonuses to ensure we keep our quality people.

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